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Ready to buy a new computer?

Congratulations, you won't be disappointed.  The basic computer recommendation is:

  • Windows 10 Home 64-bit

  • 8GB memory

  • Pretty much any processor; stay away from the very low-end.  Intel i5 is reasonable.

  • Solid State Drive. 256gb should be enough - but if you have a lot of pictures or music you may need more.

  • DVD drive optional for laptops.

  • 24" widescreen LCD monitor for desktops

You should be able to find this configuration on sale for under $800.  Don't forget you may need new/updated software and printer in addition to the new computer.  Add a little more for a notebook.  Don't go overboard, but don't skimp - a nicely configured computer should last 5 years.  If you buy more than you need, it may meet your needs for an additional year or two; if you skimp it may last only 2 or 3 years before you want a new one.

You may also consider the following upgrades:

  • Faster processor and more memory

  • Larger monitor - bigger is better, particularly as your eyes become "less young"

This configuration is fine for most users, but not everyone.  If you use your computer for web or other graphics design, digital photography, graphics-intensive games, or other large applications you will need to upgrade memory, disk space, sound, and/or video.  If you want to access your computer remotely, get Windows 10 Professional.  I suggest a single optical drive that reads and writes CDs and DVDs; if you copy disks you should add a second optical drive.  If you find you never have enough space on your screen, consider two monitors!

You may also consider a notebook or all-in-one computer instead of a tower computer.  They save a lot of space, no wires, and are plenty powerful - and portable!  The hard disk will likely be smaller, but anything over 256GB is usually plenty big.  Expect to pay a few hundred dollars more than a comparably-equipped tower, and repairing/upgrading is more limited and expensive.  There are 3 categories of laptops:  General purpose that are medium sized, ultra-portable that are very small and light, and desktop replacements that are larger and more powerful.  The tradeoffs are price, power, weight, and screen/keyboard size.  Sony, HP, and others also make nice-looking "all-in-one" computers where the system is built into the monitor.  With a wireless keyboard and mouse, it is very neat - no wires!

If you have specific needs, contact us.  There are lots of differences between computers with the same "specs."  Motherboard chipset, cache, dual-core, bus speed, and memory speed can make a difference depending on what you are doing.

Where to buy your new computer?  The computer market is competitive.  We recommend Dell or a name-brand computer (HP, Sony, etc) from Staples, Best Buy or other retailer because they are customer-oriented and stand behind their products.  Costco also has good deals, and a great return policy.  We view the computers as a commodity and are not brand-loyal - it is just a box that runs Windows.

Don't forget the work begins AFTER you get the new computer setup.  You will need to connect to your network and printer, install all your software and copy your files and settings from the old computer.

You can certainly configure and buy a computer yourself, but if you want a more personalized service, contact us fo help.

Please make backups!  We are not responsible for data loss under any circumstances!! 
A hard disk can fail at any time and there is nothing we can do about it.  Please make backups before your appointment, before you bring your computer to us, or ask us to make backups before working on your computer.

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