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Give your unused computer a second life.  The best thing to do with computer equipment you no longer need is donate it.  There are many people and organizations in need of computers.

We are working with Saxe Middle School in New Canaan to configure computers for needy students, school staff, and other members of the community.  They need computers in working condition with a modem, monitor, and printer to surf the internet and provide word processing.  Equipment that meets the conditions below can be brought to the Saxe lower division office September through April during school hours.  We will accept the following equipment on their behalf, and fix and configure the computer accordingly.

What we need are:

  • System units: Less than 6 years old and have a Windows license sticker.

  • LCD (flat) monitors.

  • Keyboard, mouse

  • Software (Windows 7 or later, Microsoft Word/Office 2007 or later)

Please note:

  • We only use computers less than 6 years old.  Older computers will be given to other organizations or recycled; hard disks on these computers will NOT be erased.

  • We accept Apple computers, but they must be in good working condition.  We give them to students "as is", so please remove any personal information before donating.

Recognition for our recycling efforts:

  • receives 2005 "Green Circle" award from CT Department of Environmental Protection for our computer recycling efforts.

  • Julius named 2004 Volunteer of the Year for his work with the Saxe computer donation program.

Not in the New Canaan area?  Try contacting Computers for Kids at

We do our best to recycle what we cannot use.  We disassemble computers that are not usable either because they cannot be fixed or they are too slow.  We recycle the metal case at the New Canaan transfer station.  We keep any working parts we may be able to use in another computer; the remainder is brought to a recycler or the Transfer Station for recycling.

New Canaan properly disposes of computer equipment.  Bring it to the transfer station and tell them you have computer equipment and they will instruct you where to place it. 

This is one of our recycle shipments.

Please make backups!  We are not responsible for data loss under any circumstances!! 
A hard disk can fail at any time and there is nothing we can do about it.  Please make backups before your appointment, before you bring your computer to us, or ask us to make backups before working on your computer.

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