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We like to provide solutions.

If you are having problems with your computer, or there is something you want to do but can't get to work, we can help.  We offer several basic fixed-price services and hourly billing for everything else.

Our on-site labor rate is $140/hour for residential customers and not-for-profit groups, and $180/hour for businesses, billed in 1/2 hour increments with a 1-hour minimum.  You can view our full fee schedule here.

One-price Network Setup

We provide all networking equipment necessary for the project, or will use customer supplied equipment.  We strongly recommend you get the networking equipment from us because we know what equipment to buy, and also offer:

  • 1-year on-site repair or replacement guarantee

  • Lifetime trade-in on new equipment if your needs change

  • Lifetime warranty on all equipment we provide

  • On-line, telephone and email support

We know how to setup networks, and we guarantee we will setup your network of up to 2 computers for a fixed charge - no matter how long it takes.  The only requirement is that we provide the network equipment and your computers meet the basic technical requirements for networking.  When we are finished, all computers will be able to share your broadband connection, and be ready for you to setup printer and file sharing.  Through-the-wall wiring to other rooms, printer, email, and other program setup are all at additional charge.  We suggest you budget an additional hour so we can help you with these items.  More about networking...

Domain, Email and Website

Want a web presence?  We can get you started quickly and easily with your own domain name (,, and a simple webpage at for $100 annually, and a $100 setup fee.  Just tell us the domain you want and we can have it for you in a couple of days.  Want to do it yourself?  We recommend 1and1; please click here so we get credit for the referral.

Full System Backup Solution!

You need backups!!  Hard disk failure is a common cause of data loss, but fire and theft are also risks.  As you store more and more important information on your computer, you need backups to keep from losing your data.  Important files include pictures, business records, and email.  Music is less important since it can be replaced by repurchasing it, but it is less expensive to just back it up.

For $250 we will make and store a full image backup of your system, and install Carbonite to automatically backup your data files (including music, pictures, etc.) through the internet.  In case of hard drive failure we will restore your system from the image backup, and then restore your updated and new data files from the Carbonite backup.  Software installed since the image backup was made would have to be reinstalled.  After the first year, you can cancel the service or continue with Carbonite ($55/yr), extend our restore service where we will continue to store your image backup and restore in case of failure ($100/yr), or extend the full service and we will make a new system image ($200/yr).

One-price Computer Rehab/Spyware Removal

Did your computer die?  Does it just grind when you try and access the internet?  Are there all kinds of programs installed that you have no idea what they are?  We will rehabilitate your computer for a standard charge of $100, regardless of how long it takes.  The only requirement is that you bring the computer to us (system unit only - no cords or anything else, but we do need the power adapter for laptops).  We will do a general tune up and software upgrade removing any spyware and viruses, updating software, and other standard cleanup and maintenance.  If there are problems that cannot be fixed, or if you would prefer a "clean start" we will wipe everything out and reinstall Windows.  Labor for adding memory and/or another hard disk is included in this charge.  There is an additional charge for data backups, saving data, installing other software (you need to provide the installation CDs) and printers, and for delivering and setting up the computer/reconnecting to your network.   If we determine the computer is not worth fixing/upgrading, we will not charge you anything.  In this case, we may recommend that you donate it to charity.

Online Support

We offer online, remote assistance on a subscription basis.  Signup for this service and we will configure your computer for remote access so when you have problems you can enable the access, and we can help you over the phone while viewing your computer.  If you are interested please contact us or read more about it here.

Data Transfer Services

Have data in your camera that you want to put on CD?  Data on a hard disk you want burned to DVD?  We can read almost any media (including digital camera removable media) and transfer it to CD or DVD for you.

Child Protection and General Privacy

Children need supervision and monitoring, and their use of the computer and internet is no exception.  You also want to protect your privacy as well as information stored on your computer.  We have implemented many solutions, including for our own family, that are a combination of adult content filtering, email filtering, email monitoring, internet usage reviews, pop-up window eliminators, and remote viewing, to name a few.  We strongly recommend using adult content filtering from which we have found to be over 95% effective in blocking sexually explicit content.  Contact us to see if we can help you. 

Everything Else

We do it all.  If you need help with your computer, we will provide it.  We have gotten finicky printers to work, recovered files from failed hard disks, and resolved other seemingly impossible problems.  We have assisted others in registering domain names and developing website prototypes. Our interests have led us to explore digital photography and digital music.  Let us help you preserve memories with creative movies of your photos on DVD and VHS.  References available.  Contact us for information. 


Please make backups!  We are not responsible for data loss under any circumstances!! 
A hard disk can fail at any time and there is nothing we can do about it.  Please make backups before your appointment, before you bring your computer to us, or ask us to make backups before working on your computer.

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