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We live in a different world today.

We install robust and flexible computer based video surveillance systems for the home or business.  These systems range from temporary home monitoring "nanny cams" to 100-camera campus surveillance systems.  We have experience with all camera types including color remote control directional to small hidden cameras.

The systems we deliver are all digital and capable of recording months worth of surveillance video.  Cameras are easily accessible for on-site viewing or through the internet for remote "live" or "recorded playback" monitoring. 

Are you looking for peace of mind for your home or vacation place, security in your office, or just a better way to feel connected?  We have everything to get you started with a new system.  We can also evaluate your existing computer and/or surveillance equipment. We will identify how to integrate and configure it to meet your total computer and surveillance needs.  We specialize in affordable systems for small businesses.  A basic 4-camera system, including cameras and installation, costs about $5000.

Have an existing tape-based surveillance system?  Contact us for a free demo of a digital based solution!

If you would like more information, please contact us.

Please make backups!  We are not responsible for data loss under any circumstances!! 
A hard disk can fail at any time and there is nothing we can do about it.  Please make backups before your appointment, before you bring your computer to us, or ask us to make backups before working on your computer.

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